Personal Learning CoachTM

Three Learning Coaches Education observers often point to the positive impact that a mentor can have on a virtual education program and its participants. Educere embraces this philosophy, and all our programs include a Personal Learning CoachTM assigned to support every student, educator, and school. Below is an overview of the Personal Learning CoachTM.

  • Professional with training and/or experience in the virtual education field.
  • Accessible by the student, educator and school through a toll-free phone number and email found on the program overview page.
  • Supports student, educator, and school throughout the entire virtual education process.
  • Recommends programs aligned with student's and/or educator's interests and needs.
  • Guides the student and/or educator through the registration process.
  • Helps the registrant adjust to the virtual education experience.
  • Sends introductory email to new registrants introducing the Personal Learning Coach'sTM role, as well as, in the case of students, the responsibilities of the student and parent or guardian.**
  • Monitors the student's progress in courses, providing regular feedback to the student and parent or guardian, and school liaison.**
  • Sends progress update to students, parents/guardians, and schools.**
  • Liaison between the school and the participating education provider delivering the virtual education program.

* The Personal Learning CoachTM is not a tutor and does not provide any services related to the content of a program.

** Services are provided only for participants of complete virtual courses delivered entirely by participating education providers.
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