edtell tech For many schools, integrating virtual education offerings with established curriculum, and circulating this information to students and educators is an onerous task. To ease the burden, Educere uses EdtellTM, the proprietary education communications platform made available to all our customers. Below are highlights of EdtellTM.

  • Educational technology application enabling a school's customized virtual education program to be effortlessly published on the internet.
  • Comprehensive virtual education program information; including easy access to program overview and registration process information.
  • Program overview includes all the information about each program; including program details and program description.
  • Registration information, such as instructions, due date, forms, and program materials, is listed on each program overview page.
  • Creates for each school a virtual education website that incorporates a look consistent with, and easily linked to, the school's main website.
  • Permits each school to choose the program name to be included throughout the virtual education website.
  • Allows each school to include a tailor-made description of the program on the virtual education website home page.
  • Empowers each school to limit programs it makes available on the virtual education website to students and/or educators.
  • Enables a modified enrollment process to be outlined on the virtual education website that fits the school's needs.
  • Aggregates student registrants, progress, and final grades through a single administrative view.
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