World History - HS - Basic
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Course Description
This course is designed to provide a basic understanding of fundamental concepts and their applications while reinforcing and developing skills essential for continued success as lifelong learners. World History takes a global and comparative approach to studying the world and its past to develop greater understanding of the development of worldwide events, processes, and interactions among the world's people, cultures, societies, and environment. Integrating geography and history, the students will develop an understanding of the historical and geographic context of human commonalities and differences. Geography is the Earth's surface and the processes that result in natural environments, the relationships between people and environments, and the ways that people use and view places both near and far. Geography is important because the world facing students in the 21st century is more crowded, the maintenance of a sustainable physical environment more challenging, and the global economy more competitive and interconnected. Students will be asked to employ different analytical schemes, including global, regional, national, and local to understand developments over time. Students will examine large-scale patterns occurring in several areas of the globe, such as the collapse or decline of empires, growth of trade networks, war, industrialism, and the diffusion of religions or philosophies. Students will also examine inter-regional patterns, such as trade networks prior to 1500 C.E./A.D., the trans-Atlantic slave system, and the unification of Eurasia under the Mongols. Regional events will also be examined, such as Latin America through the 18th century, the Russian Revolution, or the rise of Fascism in Europe. The course completes with at the modern interconnected world that has developed in the latter half of the 20th Century and beginning of the 21st Century.

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